Pathfinder in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Skarda's Revenge

Or how many times did TSR use the Gray Mist trick?

Time to catch up our party a bit.

So after defeating Skarda and saving the Grand Duke, the party took the request to go and spy on his Cousin and try and capture and bring the black duke back to Specularum.

On their way to Luln, Bob has a dream where Skarda taunts him and tells him that he will have his revenge on Bob and his associates.  The next day while traveling upon the road to Luln the party enters a gray mist and encounters a large castle next to the road that the duke's man and the party's guide Markus tells them that that castle shouldn't be there.  As they approach castle the fog gets thicker until they can barely see in front of them.  Entering the side Foyer one of the horses gets loose and runs into the mist with a sharp crunch and terrifying horse shriek later they discover the dismembered remains of the horse by some unspeakable predator that had slunk back into the Mist before the horse was found.

Not wishing to discover what had vivified the horse, the party return to the castle and ventured forth into its bowels.  Finding the castle's gothic furnishings a bit bizarre, Bob and friends enter a large chamber that had been set up as an impromptu boxing ring, surrounded by chairs occupied by ghostly shadows with bright red glowing eyes that turn and stare at them as they enter.  A jovial man greets the party and asks if they wish to partake in the games, and he is willing to make a small wager for his man (a large hulking proto-man looking brute in the ring) against the party's chosen champion.  Bob decided he would give it a try and agrees to enter the ring to take on the stranger's man (the stranger being John Louis Amber). 
Two other guards also stand by John Louis and soon after entering the ring it is apparent that Bob's bare-handed attacks are having no effect on John Louis' champion.  Reigh, Leeandra, and Ahnold figure out that the "champion" is a construct and non-lethal attacks really have no effect against it.  Deciding to take the offensive, Reigh hands Bob his greatsword while spells are launched and attacks made.  While they party makes short work of the construct champion and guards John Louis presents more of a challenge and after a bit it becomes a draw and he angrily just tells them to leave.

Moving on, the party discovers a large hall of mirrors that flash with light from overhead chandeliers that temporarily blinds Reigh and Yolanda (a prominent bard from Specularum that agreed to go back to Luln with the party on the Grand Duke's bequest).  Exploring further, the party discovers another large room with a single chest at the far end and two large picture windows and a large fireplace.

Upon entering the room the windows burst from swarms of ravens diving into them and the party is attacked by ravens of varying sizes.  Ahnold found a side door to escape from them only to find John Louis shouting at him to get out. Followed by a man sized raven, Ahnold takes on the grizzled ring-master while the angry raven didn't seem to care who got pecked.  The other party members quickly slammed the door to the room after escaping back into the hallway and decided to try and back track to get to Ahnold.

Ahnold and John Louis trade blows with each other and the giant raven but Ahnold quickly makes his way out the first door he had entered the boxing ring room.  The party rejoins in the hallway and as they make their way back to the hall of mirrors, they stumble across a pair of marble headed creatures walking along the wall on strange spiderlike legs.  Beams of light shoot from their eyes and some wounds are suffered but they manage to sunder the two tiny constructs with little real effort.

They do move through the large hall of mirrors and discover a room filled with spectral hobgoblin kitchen staff and a large banquet room with a table covered with dinnerware and moldy and rotted food.  While in the banquet room, a ghostly train of noble looking individuals float into the room and take their place at the table and placards with the individual party member's names appear at the empty locations.  Soon the spectral kitchen staff enter from an overhead entrance and begin servicing the ghostly retinue sitting at the table. Unfortunately none of the party decided to take a seat at the feast and eventually moved on back into the hallway.

And as they gathered back together in the hall of mirrors, a golden light began shimmering around them, refreshing their spirits and revitalizing their wills to continue on.



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