Rei Akimori


Rei appears to be a slim human female standing just over five foot in height. Facial features are fairly nondescript for a human from Karameikos aside from the amber colored eyes with vertically oriented oval pupils with the barest hint of a shine. Her dull black hair is loose and short for a woman. Clothing is simple peasant attire, which conceals several enchanted pieces of equipment underneath.


Quick notes version:

Rei is the fourth of five children. Born during winter solstice, when her people believe the borders between the planes become blurred.

Important relationships:
Sajin Akimori (father), Estranged relationship
Tomori Akimori (mother) Estranged relationship
Keiris Tsukuda (sorcerer mentor, aunt) Has tough love for Rei.

Was given practical instruction in use of magic by a mentor. Grew an additional tail after four years in apprenticeship, and another three years later. Was not the only apprentice this happened to. All these pupils were expected to train harder and become the next generation of teachers. Rei resisted this, and become something of a trickster in her village.

Heated disagreement with other apprentices lead to near death experience via drowning. This was a traumatic event that makes her fearful of moving water.

Her difficult demeanor resulted in the Village Elders denying her adult name at the yearly Coming of Age ceremony. This caused her to leave her home town (Sumita) without saying goodbye.

Rei traveled from place to place, using her spells to do odd jobs. She was in a hamlet when the Iron Ring showed up and harvested more “goods” for the slave trade. At first she was worked like the other slaves, but when her magical abilities were discovered soon after the handlers “promoted” her.

She became a tool of war against the Iron Ring’s enemies, and a tool of discipline that the other slaves learned to hate and fear. Two years of service as a weapon was ended when a small band of adventurers captured her while escaping a trap laid by the Iron Ring.

Rei Akimori

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