Running some old TSR basic modules but use Pathfinder as the gaming system. Core Rule Book, Advanced Player's Guide, and 3pp material (with approval). Advanced Race Guide for Common races (see below for other available races).

Based on the Mystara world and some animalistic races are present including the Rakasta (cat), Lupin (dog), and Tortle (turtle).  For the Rakasta the Catfolk race in the ARG will work plus there is a series of animal race supplements by Eric Morton that include cat, dog, and turtle that can be used.  The supplements are only $2 so quite affordable and I have the PDFs.  I won't send the PDFs out but they will be available for review during the game sessions.

Basic Character Generation Info:

20 point buy system for abilities.  No half races and classes limited to Core, Advanced Player's Guide, and Magus from Ultimate Magic.  No Gunslingers and currently nothing from Advanced Class Guide.  For Monk and Barbarian, the Unchained version may be used if desired but no mixing up class abilities between the two versions.  3pp material is acceptable with approval (and encouraged as I have a lot of 3pp stuff out there both that I published and purchased).

Advanced Race Guide races:  Core Races and the following Featured races:  Cat Folk, KitsuneSamsaran, and Vanaras Cool Introduction to Karameikos

For Mystara campaign info check out the Mystara Handbook.  It is for 5e so we won't be using any of the races, classes or archetypes out of the book (though I would like to eventually convert a lot of the stuff to Pathfinder).

Pathfinder in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos

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